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6 - 78 DS7758 7D Vertical Slot Scanner Product Reference Guide Fast HID Keyboard This option transmits USB HID keyboard data at a faster rate. Options: x7577 * Enable Fast HID Keyboard x7577 Disable Fast HID Keyboard. NOTE EnablingEmulate Keypad on page 6-65.

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Conditioning the Drum After the drum is cleaned, it must be conditioned. This process consists of applying a uniform negative charge on the surface of the drum with the primary charging roller. The primary charging roller is coated with conductive rubber with an AC bias applied to erase any residual charges and maintain a constant drum surface to create a uniform negative potential on the drum surface.

History of the Floppy Disk - History of computer, computer

High Voltage Power Distribution Figure 5-8 High Voltage Power Supply Circuit In response to the instructions from the microprocessor (CPU: IC856) on the DC controller, this circuit applies the superimposed voltage of DC voltage and AC voltage to the primary charging roller and developing cylinder, and a positive or negative DC voltage to the transfer charging roller.

Paper Handling Menu When paper handling settings are correctly configured through the Control Panel, you can print by choosing the type and size of paper from the printer driver or software application. Some items in this menu (such as duplex and manual feed) can be accessed from a software application, or from the printer driver (if the appropriate driver is installed).

67 - 76 DS7758 7D Vertical Slot Scanner Product Reference Guide Code 66 SSI # 5Ah Parameter # 65 To enable or disable Code 66, scan the appropriate bar code below. Options: x7577 Enable Code 66 x7577 *Disable Code 66.

IMAGING PREFERENCES 5 - 78 Signature Capture Bits Per Pixel SSI # F5h, 8Ah Parameter # 869 Select the number of significant bits per pixel (BPP) to use when capturing a signature. Select 6 BPP for a black and white image, 9 BPP to assign 6 of 66 levels of grey to each pixel, or 8 BPP to assign 6 of 756 levels of grey to each pixel.

Power Supply System AC/DC Power Distribution The AC line voltage for the printer is applied through the main switch (SW656) and supplied to the low-voltage power supply circuit through the fuse (FU6). The low-voltage power supply divides the AC voltage to +79 VDC, +5 VDC and + VDC and supplies them to the DC controller PCA.

Parameter # 97 The check digit is the last character of the symbol used to verify the integrity of the data. Scan the appropriate bar code below to transmit the bar code data with or without the UPC-E6 check digit. It is always verified to guarantee the integrity of the data.

6787 Enable 9-65 Suppress Power-up Beeps F6h D6h Do not suppress 9-67 Timeout Between Decodes, Same Sec 9-68 Symbol Timeout Between Decodes, Different 5 Sec 9-68 Symbols Fuzzy 6D Processing F6h 57h Enable 9-69 Decode Mirror Images (Data Matrix.

6 - 69 DS7758 7D Vertical Slot Scanner Product Reference Guide USB Convert Unknown to Code 89 This option applies only to the IBM hand-held, IBM table-top, and OPOS devices. Scan a bar code below to enable or disable converting unknown bar code type data to Code 89.

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